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[TOP 10] Canadian most successful KickStarter projects (Part 2)

[TOP 10] Canadian most successful KickStarter projects (Part 2)

Here is the second part of our TOP 10: Canadian most Successful KickStarter projects 

Feel free to comment and please remember this list was made in September 2012 and other projects may have set new records since then!



Pledged : $ 133,750 (Initial Goal : $27,500)

Category : Publishing

Location : Montreal

Funding Date : Septembre 2012


After Least I Could Do (#8), THE BEAR is the second campaign in this list involving Ryan Sohmer.

This time, the product offered is a book for parents with young child. We use the term “offered” because this campaign is clearly a Pre-Order campaign.

One question can be raised. Is the success of that campaign the result of a great product + an efficient campaign or the consequence of a popular and proven-successful project leader (i.e. Ryan Shomer)?

Probably a mix of both. As you can see the Kickstarter page is full of clear details and appealing pictures.

One thing is sure, Ryan Shomer has become a crowdfunding ninja and a study case could be made from his 2 campaigns.

#4 UBI

Pledged : $ 229,595 (Initial Goal : $36 ,000)

Category : Open Hardware

Location : Toronto

Funding Date : Septembre 2012


Ubi is a voice-activated computer that plugs into a wall outlet. It’s able to access almost anything you can access on the Internet through a wifi connection and it can control and monitor any appliance or device connected to it.

Ranked at 4th place among the top Canadian campaigns, this revolutionnary object received the pledge of real futur clients, as the average amount by backer is around $180.

Eventually the UBI team has recently confirmed a partnership with SMARTTHINGS, another product funded trough Kickstarter! Just like the MERCENARY KINGS+OUYA case, we can see how the crowdfunding platform can lead to fruitful collaboration.

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Pledged : $ 321,315 (Initial Goal : $100 ,000)

Category : Product Design

Location : Vancouver

Funding Date : August 2012


The first Canadian project on the podium is a mHealth product.

The ALPHA is a heart rate monitor from MIO that wears like a wristwatch, is accurate up to speeds of 20 km/h. The device comes with a slew of neat features for both serious athletes and the everyday person.

ALPHA is one of the most popular Canadian projects on Kickstarter right now and has reached its funding goal with little difficulty.

The woman behind ALPHA, Liz, relied on the exposure Kickstarter offers to make people pre-order the watch and save $100 compare to the future selling price ($249). The “selling” strategy was really clear in this campaign, as proved by the last rewards offered: 100 watches delivered for a $10,000 pledge (SUPER DISTRIBUTOR BACKER).


Pledged : $ 702,516 (Initial Goal : $80 ,000)

Category : Video Games

Location : Montreal

Funding Date : August 2012


And another Video Game on the podium!

CASTLE STORY created by a Montrealer studio, Sauropod Studio, was featured on KickStarter really recently (July-August 2012).

They achieve to rank second most successful campaign from Canadian entrepreneur and FIRST if we considered that the #1 is officially a US company. And they reached their initial goal in 5 HOURS only.

Even if this campaign didn’t get so much exposure, some key success factor worth be highlighted:

-       They played transparency while detailing exactly how they will use the money
–       They offered a large variety of rewards (tees, posters, name in credits, etc)
–       They provoked tons of comments (8000+)

This is good to notice too that Sauropod Studio comes from Montreal, a world-leading city in this sector.


Pledged: $ 10,266,846 (Initial Goal : $100 ,000)

Category : Product Design

Location : Palo Alto, CA

Funding Date : May 2012


Here we are!

PEBBLE is THE most successful crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, EVER.

Officially, on KickStarter, the company is registered as based in Palo Alto, California. But in reality the founder, Eric Migicovsky is a Vancouver-born entrepreneur who launched in 2009 a protoype of the Pebble, at this time called inPulse, under a company named Allerta in Waterloo, Ontario.

The PEBBLE smartwatch campaign has set multiple records for Kickstarter: the shortest time to raise $1 million, the most money raised in 24 hours, and the most raised overall at more than $10,000,000.

There are a lot of things to analyze about this campaign and matter to inspire you for your next one.