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List of open source crowdfunding platforms – start your own crowdfunding site

There are already well over 700 crowdfunding platforms currently, with Kickstarter, indiegogo, crowdcube, kiva being the most known. For business, research or design reasons, many are looking to start their own crowdfunding platform. We’ve built a list of open source crowdfunding frameworks on which to build upon:

Licensing type
Type of crowdfunding
Ruby on Rails
MIT License
Amazon payments, stripe or wepay
Ideal for rewards or donation-based crowdfunding single projects. Could be developed furtehr into equity or loan-based crowdfunding, but would require significant development for investor protection.
Ruby on Rails
MIT License
MoIP, Paypal
Ideal if you want to start a kickstarter or indiegogo competitor. Could be developed futher into equity or loan-based crowdfunding, but would require significant development for investor protection.
Designed to crowdfund projects aiming for the greater good, with an open and free nature. Caveat: developer docs are in spanish
GitTip (The Gittip original platform is a way to give small weekly cash gifts to people you love and are inspired by.)
CC0 license
Bitcoin, credit cards
Is currently used by to crowdfund and support individual talent. Can be used to crowdfund a person instead of a project
Crowdfunding (Joomla php plugin)
GPL License
Paypal, bitcoin
Is currently used to crowdfund open source community projects. Can be added to a Joomla installation
Affero General Public License
Designed to crowdfund Free Software / open source community projects.
php-based framework. Contribute and sponsor the project so development continues
Stripe, paypal, authorize
Could be used for equity, loan, rewards or donation crowdfunding
Ruby on Rails
Active Merchant allows many payment options: Authorize, braintree, Paypal
Designed to crowdfund media reporting, in media
Python framework
GNU Affero
See for examples
Designed to support projects in developing countries. Note: code is all over the place, not trivial to use

Upon request, we’ve also listed other software that are not open source but could be worth considering:

Licensing type // Cost
Type of crowdfunding
Crowdfunder. Note: licensed to select business partners, not open source
Proprietary software // $$$
Designed to crowdfund creative projects.
Ignition Deck (WordPress php plugin)
IgnitionDesk Proprietary Use License // $50
Stripe, paypal, braintree
Ignition Deck is a wordpress plugin, for donation or rewards-based crowdfunding
Launcht Note: hosted, not open source
Proprietary software // $$$
Ideal if you do not have a development team. Only for very specific and short-term projects
Specific Mimoona terms of service // Freemium
Basic plug & play for simple crowdfunding campaigns
investedin Note: hosted, not open source
Proprietary software // $$$
Suited for equity crowdfunding campaigns (JOBS Act)
crowdcube Note: hosted and licensed to select business partners
Proprietary software // $$$
Designed for equity crowdfunding (Crowdcube being a leading equity crowdfunding platform in the UK)

Note: Please comment below if you know any other platform. Thanks.

  • tonylampada

    FreedomSponsors is accepting Bitcoins too

  • Alessandro Ravanetti

    Great resource, thanks for sharing this.

    I suggest you to take a look at what we have created with Crowd Valley ( We give the possibility to the people to create their own white label equity based crowdfunding platform in few minutes.

    Our infrastructure includes the platform on a SaaS model, back office
    packages compliant with US regulation, support services, and the
    functionality to create and service interconnected networks,
    enabling users to maintain and operate via single profiles on
    multiple platforms.

  • eduTrac

    Did not realize there were a few nice opensource alternatives. This is good to know. Thank you for the list.

    • brakotozafy

      Our pleasure eduTrac! Do you have a crowdfunding platform project?

      • eduTrac

        At the moment I am knee deep into writing out a solid business plan, business model, and doing market research. Which route I take will depend on if I can draw enough interest in the project.

  • Meefong

    Hi, thanks a lot for the list. Found that all of it is raising fund in $, what if I want a website that for people to donate non-$ directly, for e.g. food, cloth and etc ?

  • jesalg
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  • Thomas A

    Agriya introduced their crowd funding platform with integrated Paypal payment gate way

    • brakotozafy

      It’s funny you call yourself a Kickstarter clone!

  • David

    NCrypted has recently launched Fundraiser (Enterprise Edition) which is a very innovative crowdfunding and fundraising platform. It is a commercial license coded in PHP and comes open source, 100% customizable as per the product page on their site .

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  • Steve B

    Great info, thanks. I was looking for an open platform that would work like a GoFundMe or KickStarter, where I would host the domain and website, and others in need could start their own projects going through my website.
    Most of the open source platforms I’ve found seem to work as if I wanted to start my own single fundraiser.

    Does anyone know of an open platform that would work like a GoFundMe or KickStarter? Cost is an issue, as I’ve found several that charge insane amounts of money on the front end for their “white label” program, as well as taking a very greedy part of the donated money on the back end.

    The niche I want to start is very humanitarian, and I want to get into it more to help a very specific small niche medical need for kids whose parents cannot afford the help their children need and deserve.

    Please email me with any info at

    Thank you, in advance, for any help.

    Steve B.

  • Techjoomla

    You should also check out jGive for Joomla

    • brakotozafy

      Thanks will check it!

  • Don Williams Ikechukwu

    Hello, what will it cost me to have my own equity crowdfunding platform
    like or I need a developer fast
    to start my own project for my country.

  • Seeding Alpha

    This is a great listing. Thanks for the work, and hopefully you guys will update regularly when you get the chance.

  • Denis

    Good work sparky but sometimes you need developer to customize your crowd funding platform when you are not coder or you don’t know it. I represent a very responsive team who is good, expert and professional enough to customize their crowd funding script for you according to your customization. Visit:

  • Robert Woges

    Hi Guys, I really wondered how did you missed one the famous and top most open source software developed by Agriya named SF Platform. Kindly take a look at this link given here [ ] and get funded for your dream projects.

  • CrowdEngine has reward and equity white label solutions

  • Jean Baro

    Great list. I would suggest that Drupal module as well: