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SeedingFactory offers four unique transformative crowdfunding packages to kickstart ideation, strategy, promotion, manage risk and maximize crowdfunding success. Looking to train your team? Have also look at our unique workshops.

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If you are an entrepreneur, a lawyer, an artist or a businessman willing to know more about the benefits of crowdfunding, assess if your business project can be crowdfunded, get advice for a platform development, realize a strategic analysis or consult us about your campaign Heri & Bruno will be honored to help you.

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Are you sure you have a winning pitch? For crowdfunders who are launching soon, or for crowdfunders who want to improve their current crowdfunding campaign, the SeedingFactory “clinical” team will compare your campaign with our proven crowdfunding template, analyze and test your pitch with their expert eyes, based on our proprietary methodology.

The result? An action plan in 15 points on how to upgrade your campaign.