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MAKEACHAMP launches team crowdfunding for sports

MAKEACHAMP launches team crowdfunding for sports

MAKEACHAMP, global leader in sports crowdfunding for athletes and clubs, has unveiled this week crowdfunding catered for teams, with features catered to coaches, administrators, as well as individual team members.

Sports crowdfunding is nothing new. Since 2012, many athletes have adopted crowdfunding to help fund their athletic goal, in order to pay for travel, food, training fees and more. Like rewards-based crowdfunding, contributors can support an athlete in exchange for recognition, memorabilia or experience. MAKEACHAMP is however the first platform to offer team crowdfunding, late 2014 : each team member can have her/his own crowdfunding goal, and in the same way, can bring his own friends and family to support the goal. Together, all team members can reach a higher fundraising goal for the team, often to go to a national tournament or to reach a higher league.

“Often, we see friendly competition between team members, as they each want to prove they can make a difference. It’s often who shares the most the campaign on Facebook or who can get the attention of the closed relatives who can race ahead” says Heri Rakotomalala, VP Marketing of MAKEACHAMP. The social dynamics in team crowdfunding could be the secret for big crowdfunding campaigns for colleges, universities and clubs.

After being recognized as the top 10 crowdfunding platforms to watch for in 2015, it’s interesting to see MAKEACHAMP rolls out new features to establish is leadership. It also opens up new markets for the Montreal-based startup, in the USA, and also developing countries it will be targeting, such as Brazil and Russia.

  • Waqar

    This is a great initiative by Makeachamp as there are very few crowdfunding firms which provide funds for sports.