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4 ways crowdfunding can make your creative project succeed

4 ways crowdfunding can make your creative project succeed

Tuesday Nov 19th, we presented crowdfunding at the Dawson Eweek conference for Global Entrepreneurship Week 2013. The presentation was amongst many others, with Andy Nulman (co-founder of Just for Laughs festival), the founder, Biztree co-founder and many other activities.

Dawson College has many programs designed for creatives, which encompasses photographer, filmmaking, fashion, litterature, theatre and many other fields. While the students are young, they’re at the critical stage of their life where they have to choose what to do for their next life. It was then essential to show exactly how crowdfunding could help them in their creative and entrepreneurial endeavors.

We like to quote the example of Joseph Pulitzer who leveraged his newspaper “The World” to crowdfund the pedestal of the statue of liberty. Almost a century later, we’ve got now Facebook, twitter, youtube, paypal and many other modern tools that put together makes an appealing platform. The presentation showed that with a good presence on Facebook, and bringing in passion and authenticity, you can kickstart your creative project, prooving your idea, find new collaborators, market and communicate it.

Thanks to Dawson Eweek for organizing the series, and especially to Madeleine Bazerghi, champion of the project. Check out the event here.