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Art & Design Could Really Boost your Campaign, Discover How.

Crowdfunding is happening online. In other words it’s mainly textual & visual. Amidst all other campaigns featured on crowdfunding platforms your objective is to catch eye’s attention.

This is why making a video is so important. How you present your project, your product and your campaign page is also crucial.


Project/Product Design

On main crowdfunding websites there’s often a “Design” category. Even if your project doesn’t fit in this box you should still focus on design. Why? Because your backers are  users/consumers and they are design-sensitive.



Foodie Dice was a project to bring fun into cooking. While it’s a very simple project the creators focused a lot on the design. Minimalist branding and clear design.


Project Featured Image

Just like an application icon on you smartphone, the featured image of your crowdfunding campaign is a key element to attract eyes. Primo it will be the first & unique image people will see when browsing crowdfunding platforms in the search for a great project to back. Secondo this image will also be used by social media such as Facebook as the featured image.


WideAwake Film - Kickstarter Campaign

Wide Awake, a short-movie project, put some effort to create a visually appealing featured image. There are 3 elements that make it a good example:

[ul type=”check”]A fresh design with an image embedded in a text[/ul]

[ul type=”check”]A face. People are naturally attracted by faces :-)[/ul]

[ul type=”check”]The project’s name is clearly visible[/ul]



ThingCharger-IndiegogoCampaign-AnimatedGifNB: On Indiegogo there’s the possibility to put a animated GIF as a featured image. This opens you the door to make creative and appealing one.

Campaign Page Design

People have been attracted by you featured image, they have checked your video showcasing a properly designed project/product and want to know more. This is what your campaign page is made for. But you have to remember that people attention on Internet is very short. It means you should avoid long text sections and put images instead, as much as you can. Don’t we say a picture is worth a 1000 words?


AmericanBurger2 AmericanBurger3

American Burger-feature film  project is a great example of a well illustrated campaign page. The budget breakdown is easy to understand. Some perks are showcased. In a very little space they managed to make a highly comprehensible  description of their project.


Art & Design as Perks

You’d be surprised how much people love art. If you have the chance to get a designer or an artist in-house you should definitely exploit her/his talent. Why not offering a concept art linked to your music album? If it’s a video game people would probably be crazy about an art book gathering all the sketches and initial drawings. If you could make limited, numbered or signed series it’s even more attractive.



The successful video game campaign Mighty Number 9  managed to raise $260,000+ alone by selling a printed version of its art book!


We’d love to discuss about how to find a great designer in another post. Any suggestion? 

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