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5 million people, $850 millions dollars on Kickstarter’s transformative economy

5 million people, $850 millions dollars on Kickstarter’s transformative economy

This week, Kickstarter has announced they’ve reached 5 millions financial contributors to creative projects on the platform. Soon, the total contributions will reach 1 billion dollar.

Kickstarter : a judge, an investor and an audience

By celebrating the most creative and artistic projects, Kickstarter has transformed the creative economy, with now dancers, film-makers, indie video game designers, photographers, entrepreneurs turning to the platform to validate and launch their projects, giving it the role of judge, investor, as well as one of the best audience you can find online.

A breakdown shows that most projects get between $1k and $10k:


A New Renaissance?

With dozens of successes everyday, Kickstarter is now the go-to platform if you want to sponsor and support art projects, reminiscent of italian princes who kickstarted the Renaissance. It’s fair to say that without Kickstarter, we wouldn’t have a new age of golden video games development, hardware startups are now trendy, and thousands of creatives wouldn’t have worked seriously on their project.

For instance, check out the top 10 crowdfunding campaigns:

top 10 crowdfunding

Each team behind those 10 project admitted publicly they weren’t able to find support for their projects from institutional investors or othe groups traditionally backing creative projects. Now it’s up to the community to fund directly projects!

Take away : the beginning of a revolution

Year over year, crowdfunding grows 81% every year so it’s fair to say we’ll see more inspiring projects and more successes. Why not use the platform as a all-in-one solution? For funding, marketing, distribution, and also as a community forum.

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