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Crowdfunding Spotlight : Masters of Anatomy

Crowdfunding Spotlight : Masters of Anatomy

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The Masters of Anatomy is an exemple of Kickstarter success, having made 10x times their crowdfunding goal after only three days. In our opinion, here are reasons why this campaign is successful:

1. Art from top artists and illustrators

The project gathers the most talented artists from all around the world, such as Francisco Herrera, Eric Guzman, Mr. Hope and dozens more. That means that the project will get attention from hundreds of thousands of fans worldwide. If you have a crowdfunding project, see if you can get a famous person involved in your project.

2. Unique rewards

The Maters of Anatomy offers a book, either in soft or hard cover that you can only get on Kickstarter. You cannot get elsewhere on the Internet or in retail stores. Also, you can find anatomy books with classical poses, perhaps something quirky here and there to get the attention of the buyer, but never a well-concerted effort to show anatomy from different art styles.

3. Strong social backing

The Masters of Anatomy project has more than 13,000 fans on Facebook. As the name suggests, crowdfunding is a social effort and needs social validation before launching. A university of Nebraska study suggests that the magic number for crowdfunding is 546 fans on Facebook (PDF: Effects of Social Media on Crowdfunding Project Results)

4. Excellent imagery

The project has quotes, explanations, lists and more, but what sells the project is the great illustrations embedded in the text. You know what they say: a picture is worth a 1000 words.

5. Builds Credibility by showing project creator

The project owner discloses his biography and tells his passion about the project. This is important for those who are skeptical about the project.

6. Details about rewards

The book size, number of pages, book features, as well as shipping costs for different countries are well explained. Those are great to explain why the reward actually costs $50 to $70. It’s all about transparency and costs breakdown!

7. Community interaction

With the already established community backing, project creators has frequent updates, and replies often to backers update. It shows that the project is lively and the project owner actually cares.

8. And most importantly, a genuine project, with passion

The video and the campaign text is authentic, unpretentious, tells things how they are, yet manages to convey well the author’s dream. As a result, this makes us wonder and dream. If you crowdfund, that passion is key!

masters of anatomy

Check out the Masters of Anatomy project!

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